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you may want to try https://posterous.com. you can import your stuff from typepad and you can also use the one area to automatically post to typepad and elsewhere with one click of a button.

there is no multi-level privacy assignment like vox had - but i'm finding that to be the same everywhere.

however, it is really smooth, so far, as far as posting/editing and such. i'm now using it as my one, main area to post. it posts to both my typepad and wordpress accounts.


Is there a reason you didn't jump to Wordpress. I, personally, love it and you can import posts from a lot of different blogging platforms.

No privacy levels, but you can password protect if you only want certain people to read some of your entries.

PS: Sorry about the lack of job enthusiasm. :-/


I found you! (It's Cloudy J here.) I like Wordpress a lot better than typepad. Tumblr is another option, but I'm not sure if you can import posts there the way you can with Wordpress.

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